Layers of Color – Paper Crown

16 05 2008

„Make a crown out of paper“ is the new challenge on „Layers of Color“

I made mine out of stamped houses:

Just a toy for my sweet son:



13 responses

16 05 2008

Oh, Wow!! I’m thrilled! How truly magnificent! I’m proud of you for stepping up for this real challenge. What a grand success!

16 05 2008

Surely you should put it under glass or send it to Stampington!…and have your son make his own! :0)

17 05 2008

WOW, this is fabulous!!

17 05 2008

Ilonka das ist der absolute Wahnsinn. Was für ein Kunstwerk.
Herrlich, Deine Krone.

17 05 2008

A real work of art – wonderful.

17 05 2008

What a handsome prince!!

17 05 2008

it’s a wonderful crown ! which imagination ! Great !

18 05 2008

This is a beautiful crown and worn by a prince! I love it.

18 05 2008
Jessica, Daughter of Layers of Color

This is Royally Fabulous! I love all the colors you used and it fits your son, so well! This is great, thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of art!

18 05 2008

Wow, was für eine Krone, hammerstark!

19 05 2008

na das passt ja alles bestens!!! klasse krönchen und ein würdiger prinz dazu.🙂

20 05 2008
Heather W.

What a creative design I really love your use of stamp art! Great job!

21 05 2008

Ilonka – how fantastic… and so original – bravo!! Your son is gorgeous and that crown suits him so well!😉

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