Big Art Adventure – Fabric Arch

17 10 2008

A new theme on Big Art Adventure.

I really love Gotic Arches … but I really can’t sew … but as you push me out of my comfort zone every week, I did my best … It’s now that dark in real… and 100% silk 😉

The stamped arch is between two layers of silk.




11 responses

17 10 2008

Bist Du schnell!Auch ganz klasse!! :o)

18 10 2008
Jaqi Wright

Oh how stunning , this is beautiful, Jaqi

18 10 2008

Wow wow die ist der Wahnsinn.

18 10 2008

Wow Ilonka, that is very special and very unusual! I’m sure it will inspire people as it is such a different technique. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone for our challenge.
Love Linda

18 10 2008

lovely arch xx

18 10 2008

Ilonka – it’s fab! What a great idea to have the image between layers of silk! Brilliant – oh and you CAN sew!! You just don’t like it, do you? *gg*

19 10 2008

Very dramatic! I like it a lot.

20 10 2008
Rosie Radcliffe

What a brilliant idea – I’d never have thought of the sandwich between layers of silk, so inventive. The result is very atmospheric and mysterious. Thank you for taking part in our challenge.

20 10 2008
joanne wardle

very stylish

20 10 2008

Ooohh silk Ilonka! You were brave to sew with that and I Love how you stamped on the piece in between, great affect! I Love arches too!

22 10 2008

stunning once again
chriss x

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